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STRELKA - Street fighting

STRELKA street fighting are fights under the bare sky that occure all over the world.

Our project was founded in 2011 in St. Petersburg. «Strelka» is the biggest fight club in the world, more than 10.000 participants all over Russia and CIS. We are second on YouTube after UFC based on views.

We hold our tournaments in the most interesting and atmospheric places. Sand rings, easy STRELKA rules, no elbow punches, no rounds and time limit. We have professional judges and doctors.

Strelka is a unique project for people of different professions. The only thing that connects them is their love for sport! We have amateurs performing, different fighters (boxing, mma etc.) and regular people who want to try themselves, try something new, get an amazing experience and our crazy energy!

You are on the official street fighting portal, here you can:

  • create an account to participate in STRELKA tournaments
  • become an investor to earn money from fights.

Sign up! Win and earn money from «Strelka»!


Смотрите эксклюзивные прямые трансляции турниров «Стрелка» в «Большом эфире».


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